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Welcome to my adoptable pets!  All Shibas are spayed or neutered before coming up for adoption, and are current on all shots.  Occasionally some Shibas require more attention medically than others, for this reason there are adoption fees to help pay for these and other expenses related to caring for these Shibas until a suitable home is found.  All available records will be transferred with ownership.

Kota & Bebe



Hi! My name is Bebe (pronounced Beebee). I am about 8 years old and I have the energy of a puppy! I have a few extra quirks that make me a bit more challenging than the average Shiba. Just like most Shibas, I do have a natural prey drive that makes it hard for me to make friends. I have a mild chicken allergy that gives me small rashes and I also am an EXPERT escape artist! I can very quickly and easily scale fences of all shapes and sizes, so it’s very important for me to be closely supervised when I am outside. I have made a few calm friends in doggy daycare, but I still would be best as a single dog with no small animals as well. I love the volunteers who take care of me, especially Brandy who gives me so many treats and loves to teach me new things. When you meet me, you’ll see right away that I’m asking for love and affection. If you could look past my quirks, I will make an excellent addition to a home.


Hi there. My name is Foxxy. I’m about 2 years old and very shy. Not much is known about my past, but I act like I have a long story to tell. I spend most of my days playing with the small dogs at doggy daycare and cuddling with my favorite person, Michelle! I’m very scared of new people and new things, so when you come and meet me, please look past my shyness, I am truly a sweet girl. I would do well in almost any home that has the time and patience for my anxiety.



Hello! My name is Kota. I am about 9 years old and if you didn’t notice from my pictures, I have 1 eye. I lost my eye from Glaucoma and it looks like I may be losing my other eye as well. But don’t let my disabilities scare you, I am very adaptable and responsive to sounds still! I like to spend my days with the calmer big dogs so we can all sunbathe and nap together. I am very laid back and I simply want a home that I can retire in and sit by your side while you go about your daily activities. I would do well in a calmer home with dogs that are larger than me. If you would like to meet me, I warn you, I do fall asleep in laps while getting petted!



Hello there! I’m Meeka! I’m almost 2 years old and a spunky teenager at that! I was surrendered to the NNSR because I was not getting along with my older doggy housemate. I have a lot of energy to spare, but I also love to snuggle with my favorite volunteer, Michelle, and I would love to snuggle with you too! I would do best in a home as a single dog or with a dog larger than myself. I would love for people to come and meet me and see just how sweet I am!



Hi! My name is Ollie and I’m about 8 years young. I was surrendered to the NNSR because I was too much of a handful for my elderly owner. I love to go for walks with the wonderful volunteers who have been taking care of me and I enjoy the company of the large dogs at doggy daycare. I do have some anger issues when it comes to food, but otherwise I am very laid back and sweet and just want to be pet all day long. I would do best in a home without children as a single dog or with one other dog that is bigger than me.