Welcome to my adoptable pets!  All Shibas are spayed or neutered before coming up for adoption, and are current on all shots.  Occasionally some Shibas require more attention medically than others, for this reason there are adoption fees to help pay for these and other expenses related to caring for these Shibas until a suitable home is found.  All available records will be transferred with ownership.


Hi, my name is Miso. I am 10 years old. I know how to sit. I am kennel trained and love to hang out and relax. I am very calm and good with people. My adoption fee is $250.


Hi, my name is Louise.  I'm one of the girls from the "Library Park 8."  I'm almost 2 years old. While I'm full of energy, I'm also a good listener and quick learner. I've learned to love my leash and walks, especially when I get treats!  I'm a bit slow to warm up (from my time running loose) but love people once I get to know them. I can get a bit irritated with other dogs, so ideally I'd be the only dog in a home with people who understand my Shiba attitude. If you already have a dog, a meet & greet with other dogs in your family would be required, to see how wellI would get along with your other furbaby.  My adoption fee is $500.


Hi, I'm Dewey, I'm the other boy from the "Library Park 8" from Lake County.  I'm about two, so I'm a typical young Shiba, energetic and curious. During my time running loose, I've become quite spontaneous and clever!  My ideal human(s) will have previous Shiba experience, so they can teach me how to be one!  I've never lived in a house or walked on a leash, so I will need patience and understanding while I learn proper manners. I would also be best in a single dog household, as I begin my new life at a treasured pet. My adoption fee is $500.


My name is Kudi and it rhymes with buddy. At almost 9 years old, I'm considered a polite gentleman.  For my first 8 years, I was the beloved four-legged baby to my humom and hudad.  Then, my huparents had a two-legged baby.  I didn't understand why I was no longer welcome on the their bed, and was afraid that the crying baby was there to hurt my humom. I became very possessive of her.  My ideal home would be with adults who want a Shiba who will be happy when they are in the house with me, and don't mind it if I just sit at the window napping and watching the day go by. I'm not crazy about other dogs and would love to be your only dog. I also have a thyroid condition that is kept in check by a daily pill.

My adoption fee is $100.


Hi, my name is Bella and I'm not a Shiba Inu. I am a Bedlington Terrier. I am 11 years old. My Sister Miette and I came to NNSR last year when our owner passed away. I am very sweet and loving and would love a home of my own again. My adoption fee is $200.