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Hi, my name is Jack.  I got my first Shiba in 1997, Kira, and have been in love with the Shiba ever since.  We got Oberon in 1999 after we moved to Reno, and then finally added Bailey to the family in 2002. In February of 2007 we had the opportunity to rescue Max from the animal shelter in Las Vegas. They had an outbreak of a very fatal virus and put down 1000+ animals, but Max was spared. We fell in love with him, and he has joined our "pack". We feel fortunate to have the four most wonderful shibas in the world, at least that is what we think!


Oberon As A Pup

Oberon, Bailey, Kira and Max Below



 Photo created by Lana Blackburn, visit her site by clicking on "Photos by Lana" 

Over the years our family has grown.  After adding Max in 2007, next came Yukon that same year.  After almost a year of surgeries and recovery periods we couldn't part with him.  Next came Elvis in the Spring of 2008.  We were told that he was young and just needed knee surgery and he would be good as gold.  Well, he wasn't young, and we didn't feel that he would do well with surgery, and since he had learn to live with the injury, we decided to keep him comfortable and happy and let him live out what ever time he has left with our family.  In the summer of 2008 Kuma came to us, his family was concerned about behavioral issues.  Well, once we got him and learned that his issues may be due to his possible mix of Shiba and Chihuahua, although we are not completely sure that this is true as some breeders do feel he is pure bred, but his temperament suggests otherwise, we keep him as he is somewhat unpredictable.  You wouldn't know it to meet him until you spent time with him over a long weekend, and then his true colors will come out!  But we love him, and I think he loves us.  Last came Gypsy in the winter of 2009.  The shelter called, I resisted as long as I could, her age and her blindness told me she would be difficult to place, but we couldn't let her be put down, so I went and met her, and she greeted me with a very happy wag and that was the end of that story.  All the shibas that come to Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue are very special in their own ways and I wish I could keep them all, but since I can't I am dedicated to finding that perfect match for each and everyone that I place.  From my Shiba family to you, I hope that we can find you that perfect companion, and please remember that even the older dogs need to be loved and adopted too, sometimes they make the best new members to your family!  Thank you for visiting Northern Nevada Shiba Rescue!

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